Joy and Fear
A Syllogism for Our Time

Spectres of Holiday

Manifested in a local suburb in mid-December, towering over the houses.

Our car was menaced by this gigantic entity.


But even as it approached it was distracted by something behind us and turned toward it. We fled.


I do not know or wish to know the name or nature of this horror.


Revealed in the image below are a mother and child fleeing in terror, whom I did not notice at the time. Now with deep misgiving I ask myself: "If I had seen them, would I have tried to help? Or would my fear have gotten the better of me?" But I tell myself--not without some justification, I think--that in spite of their dreadful appearance the spectres do not have much power to do actual harm.


I have not returned to that place but am very hopeful that the arrival of the Christ Child on the 25th dispelled these presences. 


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These large beings appear threatening but they are much more feeble than they look. A few shots with a pellet gun is generally enough to weaken them considerably and keep them at bay. This is according to my brother-in-law, who has begun carrying such a weapon in his vehicle precisely for this purpose.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday. When I went to bed on Christmas Eve it was cold, rainy, and windy, but we all woke up to a Winter Wonderland -- a nice touch to close the year, even if the roads were a little dicey on Christmas morning. Fortunately the road crews were out early and had things largely under control by 9:00 a.m. A cold, wet, windy Christmas, which is what was originally forecast, would have been miserable, so I'm very happy we got the snow, even if it was a little more than necessary. :)

This was our first white Christmas here in a decade, and actually broke a record from 1890, last matched in 1935. It started snowing here late on Christmas Eve and continued right through about 7:00 Christmas morning. My area got four inches, with some parts of Western Pa. getting over five. The previous record was 3.5".

You mean a record for Christmas Day, right, not an all-time record? Surely PA gets more snow than that regularly?

Here it was rather cold, for here: a bit below freezing for several nights in a row, which typically only happens a few times a year, sometimes not at all. The couple of days before were chilly and gray, which I sort of like as a contrast.

I'm sure a pellet gun would be very effective. A few days after these pictures were taken I passed by a yard that had eight or ten normal-sized inflatables, but they were all deflated. Whether intentionally or not, it was a bizarre scene. Looked like some kind of massacre.

Likely they are feeling kind if deflated about now.

We have an abominable snowman like that around here. The inflatables seem to get bigger every year.

It was in the 30s but sunny and nice on Christmas.


No snow here in Milwaukee. I think the president should do something about this.

You'll have to wait till January 20th. Then we'll finally have a caring president.

"feeling kind of deflated" :-)

Yes -- a record for Xmas day. Generally speaking SW Pa. doesn't get most of its snowfall until Jan/Feb, but we've had an unusually snowy December this year.

I have mentioned a couple of times that when Rob G and Robert Gotcher comment on the same thread, I get confused. I think it's very likely that whoever was supposed to deliver Robert's snow was suffering from the same confusion.


Very plausible.

How's this?

If I were doing it I would consider it too much typing, but that's up to you. Maybe the browser will remember it. But then Janet is the one who should answer. I've only once or twice gotten the two of you mixed up.

Merry Christmas, y’all!

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