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How Biden Plans to Unify the Country

Many years ago I was sitting in a restaurant with a four-year-old boy. Like many or most four-year-old boys, he was intensely interested in vehicles of all sorts, especially the larger and louder ones. So when I heard a siren and saw something with flashing red lights go by, I said, "Look, there goes an ambulance."

He was already looking, naturally, and said "That's not an ambulance, it's a rescue truck."

In retrospect, I realized that it was stupid of me to argue with a four-year-old, but I was young and naive, and I persisted.

"No, it's an ambulance."

"No, it's a rescue truck."

"Are you sure? It looked like an ambulance to me."

He gave me a dark look and said "You have to compromise."

Surprised that he was using such a big and abstract word, I said "What does that mean?"

He gave me an even darker look.

"That means it was a rescue truck."


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Are you sure that wasn't my granddaughter?


Since it happened 40 years ago, yes. Is your granddaughter into vehicles as well as into being right?

The Cars movies are her favorite movies, surpassing even Frozen. She has lots of cars. AND, lots of opinions, about which one does not compromise. She hates politics, and thinks everything should be princessy.

She doesn't have any princessy cars, though.


At least two of my grandsons are vigorously opposed to princesses. If this is a pattern, it bodes ill for the future of romance.

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