Psalm 23:4-6
No psalm today

Psalm 102:1-4

Hear my prayer, O Lord,
 and let my crying come unto thee.
Hide not thy face from me in the time of my trouble;
 incline thine ear unto me when I call; O hear me, and that right soon.
For my days are consumed away like smoke
 and my bones are burnt up as it were a fire-brand.
My heart is smitten down, and withered like grass
 so that I forget to eat my bread.


The reading for Mass does not include 3 and 4 ("For my days," etc.). But I'm including them because I think they're pretty powerful.


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While this translation is very beautiful, I find myself struggling against it, and I finally figured out that it is because I pray the Office, and I these psalms in the Grail translation are just so deeply embedded in my mind and heart after all these years that anything else seems wrong. I don't know what I am going to do when the new translation comes out.

I am a lector, and sometimes I have to read a psalm at Mass, which, of course, is another translation. It is always difficult for me, and at times, the grail just comes out of its own accord. This also happens when I read a psalm that is in the Messiah.


I thought the Magnificat translations were the same ones used at Mass, and also that they were the Grail translations. So is that not the case?

New translations? Yay.

It's New American at Mass.


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