Psalm 30:1
Psalm 145:8-9


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I am reading this in the room where I pray, which has a foundation of stacks of cinder bricks, and it's storming, and the earth is literally moving under me.


And you do not fear, right?



I hope the tornados, if any, pass you by. Looks like we're not going to get any very bad weather here, but of course one never knows.

It would be selfish of you to ask for any more bad weather.

I was wondering because I saw some really bad weather on the gulf. We had quite a bit of rain and rumbling, and the earth moved downstairs, but no problems.


We had nothing but an apparently ordinary thunderstorm, which I slept through. I guess the bad weather in the Gulf stayed out there. Today it's sunny and windy and, naturally, a bit cooler.

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