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Would Anyone Care to Test This?

Besides a useful search function, another thing that I've sometimes wished I had for this blog is a simple way for readers to be notified of new posts. Now that I've given in and set up Google search, the first point is taken care of, and I may have found a solution for the second in a service called follow.it (their capitalization). The form below is supposed to allow you to enter an email address, click "Subscribe," and thereafter get an email for new posts. I think it works but I would be interested in having others try it and let me know if it works and if there are any contra-indications. One thing I'm not sure about, for instance, is whether it requires you to register with follow.it. I was already registered when I tested it. If it's useful, I'll tailor the colors etc. of the form so that it fits the rest of the blog and put it on the sidebar. 

One possible negative is that it seems to send an email for new comments as well, which could easily be annoying. That may be something I can restrict on this end, I don't know yet. 

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I don't really need the service, as I check the blog once or twice a day anyways, but I'm willing to try it to see if it works correctly. I'd probably unsubscribe after the trial, however. Let me know if you don't get other volunteers.

Ok, thanks. And I'm flattered that you check in so regularly.

I have been wanting this for a long time. It seems to have worked, but you will have to post something before we know.

Great, thank you. I'll put up a new post tonight or tomorrow. It appears that it does not send an email for every new comment, as the email address I used as a test only got one notification for this post.

You're welcome. I usually look at it once when I initially log on in the morning, then again after lunch sometime. There are only four or five sites I check daily and yours is one of them.

Thank you. That's really encouraging.

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