Penelope Fitzgerald: The Knox Brothers
Here Lays "Lie"

Martin Phipps: From the Soundtrack of The Crown

When I watched the series I was so struck by this segment that I went looking for the soundtrack. It's called "New Queen," with apparently semi-ironic intent, since it occurs at the end of Series 3, Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee.

I absolutely love that piece. I just wish it went on longer. There are other good things in the soundtrack but nothing grabbed me as much as this.

Here's the whole scene. I take it for granted that the series gives a picture in some ways false, but whatever might be said along that line, Olivia Colman's performance as Elizabeth is outstanding:


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That is a very nice piece. I like it when composers/artists combine classical melodicism with minimal electronics like that.

Me too.

Maybe this comment will reveal how musically illiterate I am, but I had the same reaction to this piece that I did to the soundtrack of Chariots of Fire. Both revealed a new (to my ears) configuration of sounds, both are haunting. In this one I especially love the percussive sounds that, playing in the clip, call to mind the 21-gun salute that I presume will soon be fired.

Sorry about the formatting! I don't seem to be able to go back and edit.

I fixed it. And you're right, there is a definite kinship to the CoF theme. I was conscious of a vague sense of familiarity when I first heard the Phipps piece but didn't give it any thought. It's mainly the electronic percussion, I think, which you noted. I have to say I like the Phipps piece better. The Vangelis (CoF) is pretty but the Phipps moves me.

I remember finding the CoF theme moving when I first heard it, but that was dulled over the years by hearing it so often. It didn't help that in charismatic Christian circles it was given lyrics and turned into a praise chorus, so we heard it every other week in church as well, alas.

One of the artists who does this type of music well is Matt Kidd, who records under the name Slow Meadow. His music generally features keyboard, guitar, violin, and cello, along with light electronic percussion. And he's got a good ear for melody, which moves his music out of the realms of strict ambient or "New Age."

Did you all see where a reporter asked Gillian Anderson if she had spoken to Margaret Thatcher before taking the role on this show? She simply replied that she had not. :-)
I guess one day I'll have to watch it. I am resistant to things that are so popular for whatever reason. General crankiness I suppose.

I had to check Thatcher's death date to see how bad that was. Pretty bad.

You shouldn't feel like you have to watch it. I enjoyed it but t's not that great, definitely not essential.

I didn't know Slow Meadow was just one person. I like the one album I've heard, but to my taste it's kind of missing something--some kind of spice, an element of weirdness or dissonance or something. I guess I heard the Chariots theme too much, too. But I didn't realize it had been turned into a church song.

Which reminds me: Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is a great song but it's really been run into the ground for me. I've heard it in church at least once and it is Not Appropriate.

Since you threw pop songs into the mix...I've been wanting to mention that "Listen to the Lion" by Van Morrison is my current favorite old song to re-listen to at a crazy rate. ;-)

And while we're talking about Van, oh it was just me? I also really like his new album, a 2 disc set called Latest Record Project, Vol 1. Recently went on a road trip and listened to it a few times in the car. He is getting a lot of hate from the woke press because he and Clapton came out against the mask mandate. WHO CARES? The music is great, his voice is great, the background singers are great. How does he continue to do this at age 75+?

Okay, I've hijacked The Crown music, but it is your fault for mentioning L. Cohen. Ha ha.

Meh, comment threads are for hijacking.

I haven't heard "Listen to the Lion" for many years. I think I'll drag out the LP...well, I say that at least once a week.

I heard about that song, in fact I heard that song with Clapton. Not too much of a song but I sympathize with the sentiment. Apparently they have both been very upset about the shutdown of live music, which must be at least partly out of concern for younger artists because I'm sure neither of them needs the money.

You are correct, it is about the live music shutdown. I have mask mandates too much on my mind since I have to talk about it with our board of trustees tonight!

My sympathy

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