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If You've Thought About Subscribing to the Criterion Channel...

...but haven't, and/or if you like film noir, you might want to consider subscribing now. See this for their November new arrivals, which feature a lot of noir, including many with Robert Mitchum, who's the star (along with Jane Greer) of my favorite in this genre, Out of the Past. I wrote about it in the 52 Movies series.

Also among the new arrivals is Thunder Road, which appeared to be available on Netflix back when I first subscribed, when it was all or mostly DVDs by mail. I put on my list but it soon went into the "Saved" category, from which few titles seem to return. I've been wanting to see it again for years. I thought it was great when I was about twelve.


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Hi Maclin, I was chatting with my eldest son, Xavier, today about some of our adventures in the USA (2013-2018). Xavier himself went back to Australia in 2017. We've all been back since 2018. Anyway, he noted that we had packed a lot into his four years there. We didn't do a lot of traveling, but we did have heaps of amazing experiences, especially with the Church and the home schoolers.

He said, though, that one of the real highlights was meeting you and Karen around Thanksgiving 2013. I was really pleased by this - it was a great highlight for me too!

I hope you and the family are all well. My little Felix who was then 3yo is now 11!

That's great to hear. I will certainly pass it along to Karen. 2013 huh? If someone had asked me the year of your visit, I would have had no idea. The passing of years has become rather a blur. Good to hear from you! We're all doing reasonably well.

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