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The End of "The End"

Extremely idle question to which a very brief search did not yield an answer: when did movies stop saying "The End" at the end? 

Or maybe some of them still do, but I don't think I've seen it for a long time. 


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Take this for what it's worth since I've never been much of a movie-watcher, but I have always thought that seeing the words "The End" meant the movie was old, or at least old-fashioned.

I’m pretty sure that’s the case. But how old? I’m going to guess it went away in the ‘70s, but I’m not that much of a movie watcher either.

I did a quick search too. I found some answers that seemed plausible, but could easily have been made up. Just like everything else, which is why I don't believe any of it. The dwarfs are for the dwarfs!

I'm thinking of some big-name movies from the '70s that I've seen, like the first Star Wars, and can't remember whether they had it or not. I sort of think not.

I wondered if it has something to do with the fact that the credits used to be at the beginning of the movie, and now they are are at the end and go on forever and ever, and are sometimes accompanied by clever artwork, and sometimes end with a teaser for the next movie.


I'm pretty sure the two happened together. If the credits are at the end you don't really need to be explicitly told that the movie is over. I have wondered why the credits got so extensive. I guess when they started putting them at the end they also decided that there was time to give all those people who aren't onscreen some recognition. I guess if one of my children had been second electrician's assistant I'd think it was cool to see his or her name there.

"The End" seems really abrupt to me now. Big climax, hero shoots villain, a few seconds for that to sink in or maybe someone to say a few words, then THE END, then nothing. If a movie has been very powerful the long credits are kind of nice as a bit of recovery time.

"If a movie has been very powerful the long credits are kind of nice as a bit of recovery time. "
Yes! When I saw The Passion of the Christ, no-one clapped or even moved when the credits began. Even after they ended and the lights came on, almost everyone just walked out of the theatre in silence.

I don't remember but I am pretty certain that no one clapped at the end of The Passion when I saw it. I think I just sat there sort of stunned for a while.

I wonder how much popcorn remained uneaten at "Passion" viewings.

All of it?

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