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The End of "The End"

The Lamp Has A Blog Now

And they've invited me to contribute a monthly post. I'm extremely flattered, and a bit intimidated, as it puts me alongside Peter Hitchens and probably some other people who are better writers than I am. 

My first post appeared yesterday. It's called "Being Honour Bred," a phrase from a Yeats poem which mentions people who lie without shame. It's a pretty grumpy post, which was not really the way I wanted to start out, but the poem has been very much on my mind. The next post should appear in late December and will be about Christmas.

Peter Hitchens's first post is here, and it's a jewel.


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To be slightly more serious (though I hate to do that), I think you should have more faith in the proprietors of that blog. They know quality when they see it.

Thank you. That's very much appreciated. I'm really not being overly humble--I was a bit unhappy with that piece, because I realized when I got well into it and it was really too late to start over with another topic, that I'd bitten off way more than I could chew. The editor had asked for 800-1200 words and I had to really struggle to keep it down to the upper limit of range. But...I don't know, maybe it's actually better for that.

That's great news -- glad to see that more of your writing will be out and about.

And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, by the way!

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone as well.

I think it's great that two of my favourite bloggers are writing on the same blog! Congratulations, Maclin.

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