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Typepad's problems aren't completely over

Or so it seems. I can't post comments though I see two people have managed to do so. There were lots of apologies from Typepad for the much longer than expected outage, and it looks to me like there are still some "issues" (that's another language complaint--why do we now say "issues" instead of "problems"?).

On the other hand I'm still in the process of moving and internet access at my new address is still iffy, so maybe the "issues" are on my end now. 

UPDATE Saturday Nov 4, from Typepad's blog:

Over the past few weeks, Typepad has experienced a number of complications that have compromised the level of service that we know you have come to expect. This started occurring as we prepared to move to a new data center. The migration was completed on Sunday, and Typepad is now in its new home. However, following the migration, we encountered a number of unexpected problems that took some time to address. We have had our team working around the clock to get service restored. Thankfully, we are seeing progress. Now that we are able to deliver consistent service, we will use the new resources to address any lingering issues that may be occurring.

You should be noticing improvement with the loading of blogs and display of images, in addition to faster navigation as you work within the Typepad application.

A few of the lingering problems that we are still working to address are incorrect times in the referrers list in Statistics and 503 errors when attempting to download an export file. We also want to see quicker load times within the application.

We are continuing to investigate to determine what happened, and we will learn from this episode. When we have more detailed information to provide to the Typepad community, we will share it with you.


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I have not been able to post comments until now.

I tried to reply to your comment on the Halloween post but couldn’t. Let’s see if this works….

Actually, I could comment on some posts but not others. The comment above seemed to have been received, but then it didn't appear when I refreshed the page. Now it's back again.

Actually, I could comment on some posts but not others. The comment above seemed to have been received, but it didn't appear when I refreshed the page. Now it's back again.

Your last comment on the Halloween post appeared twice as well. Only one shows up now because I deleted one. Odd.

Now it seems to have swallowed one, as you were describing.

Apparently what's happening is that when a comment is posted, the page is re-displayed, and normally the comment would appear. But it doesn't. So then you (we) think "hmm, didn't work, I'll post it again." But both have actually been posted, and after some delay both appear.

Typepad's status page has a message posted last night saying they're aware of continuing problems and are working on them.

Or, as just happened to me, you actually get an error message, which certainly makes it look like your comment wasn't posted. But it did.

This certainly has a chilling effect.

Typepad status as of late this afternoon:

"We finally identified and fixed the root cause of all the image and blog loading and display issues, and we are seeing major improvements. We will continue to monitor closely. Thanks so much for your patience during this trying time."

Let's hope so.

That comment was processed normally.

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