Jordan Peterson's Wife Becomes Catholic
Andrew Marvell and That Chariot


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"Seven hours later we're still in the dern the-ay-ter..."

Love it. My dad bought me a Spike Jones LP when I was about 15 and this was on it.

I think it's brilliant. I wonder whether Spike Jones or Homer and Jethro had more to do with the wordplay.

I think I had a Spike Jones LP back in the '70s, but I don't have it anymore and I don't think this was on it. I think I first heard this when I picked up a Spike Jones tape for a dollar or so when cassettes were fading out. Some of the humor is kind of obscure now, alluding to something that was current at the time. It's interesting to me that something like this piece presumes that ordinary people would get the jokes. Not sure many would now.

Yeah, people have made the same observations about the Looney Tune cartoons. And it's not just because these things are "old."

"I'm going to kill the waaa-bit!"

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