Giving Up On Rilke (Sort of)
Christmas and Holiday 2023

Thought I might buy the Kleiber Brahms 4

Maybe even on vinyl, just for fun? However:

BrahmsKleiberApparently it's out of print. Used CDs are available pretty inexpensively. Or I could buy it as an MP3.

But on Discogs there are several LP copies at reasonable ($15-30) prices. Those are used copies, and the only reason I can think of for the discrepancy is that the high priced one is new. 


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I don't think your collection will be complete without the vinyl copy, Mac!

Get thee behind me…

Get thee behind me…

Some Amazon sellers price things ridiculously high though. And if it's a new, sealed copy you'd also be taking a chance with warping, considering how long it's been in the shrink wrap.

Good point.

I just checked the Amazone listing again and it doesn't show any available vinyl copies at all. Does that mean someone paid $288?!?!

Either that or the seller closed the listing.

Funny, I still see the listing with the $288 price. It shows up as the second item on the results when I searched "Kleiber Brahms 4." The first item said vinyl is currently unavailable; it shows the album cover itself, whereas the $288 listing shows a CD case with a tilted picture of the album cover.

That image is from the same CD reissue series as the Beethoven, as in the image in this post. I suppose it's a mistake that they're using it in an add for an LP. But I don't know, maybe there's a vinyl reissue that uses the same tilted-original. Some digging in Discogs would probably answer that question.

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