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But I love the name Chapdelaine.


That version of Love Hurts sounds pretty Lynch-y to me.


It is, but the arrangement of the other one is even more so.

Hoping to check this out tonight. I've never heard of her but she sounds interesting.

I like the Nan Vernon -- going to see if our library has it, or if one of the local used CD stores does. One review on Amazon said it sounds like 'Avalon'-era Roxy Music, but I don't hear that at all.

I just ordered a used copy from Amazon, as chances are negligible that it will be available around here. I've never heard much of Roxy Music so I can't say about that comparison.

I'm not super-crazy about Roxy's earlier material, other than liking the odd tune here and there, but Avalon (their final record - 1982) is one of my favorite 80s albums and is definitely in my top 20 all-time, if not my top ten.

I have seen descriptions of their music that made it sound like something I would like, but the few bits and pieces I've heard didn't seem to match the descriptions. One of these days I'll check them out...

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